Cookies and Milk with a Cop brings kids and Cops together in a fun and non-traditional environment building trust and making friends.

We show kids that police officers are regular people and should not be afraid of them.  Kids should feel safe and comfortable coming up to a police officer to say hello and to ask for a sticker, to give a “high five” or if something is wrong to ask for help.

Cookies and Milk with a Cop is for Kids of all ages – after all who does not like warm cookies and cold milk!

Join local police officers for Cookies and Milk, and sometimes even some donuts!!

NO AGENDAS- Events are relaxed, informal (after all how formal can it be if an officer is sitting on the floor coloring).

NO DISTRACTIONS- Radios and cell phones are off for the duration of the event so kids and parents can have stress-free conversations with police officers.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED- Cookies and Milk with a Cop events take place all year round. They can be hosted by local police and sheriff departments across the county.

If you would like an event to be hosted in your area please let us know and we will reach out to the local law enforcement agency on your behalf.


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